Aural Innovations review Signatures I. & II. ft. Zsolt Galántai

Aural Innovations in the US, captained by Jerry Kranitz since 1998, has been keeping the flame of space rock and its associated genres alive and kicking on the world wide intertubes, through the medium of reviews, a zine and several podcasts each month.

This month he reviewed the double release “Signatures I. ft. Zsolt Galántai” and “Signatures II. ft. Zsolt Galántai” and what a review it is! You can read it all on his website here, it’s also captured below with his kind permission for posterity too.

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Stephen Jansen features “Signatures” in new “lost chapter”

Stephen Jansen is a prolific and successful author who decided to try his hand a few years back penning a tribute to one of his favourite bands of all time, Hawkwind. Stephen has been kind enough to write me an extra “lost chapter”, in the style of his book, to review the latest Computerchemist double release album “Signatures ft. Zsolt Gálantai”. Here it is, printed in full. Thanks, Stephen!

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Big review of “Signatures” on Spanish prog site

Jose Luis Martinez’ Spanish rock blog published a shorter review a few months ago when “Signatures” was first released. Since then, after many repeated listens, he’s written a more in-depth critique of Signatures I & II featuring Zsolt Galántai. There is a translate button on the site underneath the word “TRADUCTOR” for those of us who are Español challenged, and it’s a great read too! Thanks, Jose! 🙂

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