Audio Cologne Project “2911.” is released!

After 4 years in the making, we're happy to announce that our collaboration with Uwe Cremer, "Audio Cologne Project", has released its first album "2911.", featuring Zsolt Galántai on drums. Available for immediate download from the bandcamp website! [More...]

Review of “Signatures I. & II. featuring Zsolt Galantái” on EMpulsiv (german)

Stefan Erbe, broadcaster, reviewer, co-founder of the Schallwelle awards, and EM artist in his own right, has taken some time out of his very busy schedule to personally review Signatures I. & II. featuring Zsolt Galantái on his EMpulsiv blogsite. Thanks, Stefan! “Epische” CD-Produktionen, die sich zum Inhalt nehmen, den Hörern schon nach den […] [More...]

May Madness – 20% off all Bandcamp computerchemist titles and free draw!

We've recently passed the 500 mark of "likes" on facebook, and to celebrate there will be a 20% discount on all Bandcamp sales until the end of May. Use the code "500promo" on checkout to get 20% off all titles, whether they are download or physical CD the price will be discounted by 20% - but remember to use the code! If you share this article on facebook, we'll also keep an eye open on who has been sharing it and all of those sharers will be entered into a random draw at the end of the month. One lucky person selected from the draw will receive a free signed computerchemist CD album of their choice! [More...]

Groove Unlimited now stocking Signatures I. & II. ft. Zsolt Gálantai

Groove Unlimited are now stocking Signatures I. & II. ft. Zsolt Gálantai. Many thanks to Ron Boots who has been supporting the Computerchemist project right back to 2007 when the Atmospheric was first published and stocked at his shop! [More...]

Review of “Signatures” in upcoming Schallwende Magazine! (German language)

Andreas Pawlowski writes reviews for Schallwende, a German printed magazine devoted to electronic music not just in Germany but around the world too. He's given me special permission to publish the advance copy which will be appearing in the next edition, thanks, Andreas! [More...]

Stephen Jansen features “Signatures” in new “lost chapter”

Stephen Jansen is a prolific and successful author who decided to try his hand a few years back penning a tribute to one of his favourite bands of all time, Hawkwind. Stephen has been kind enough to write me an extra "lost chapter", in the style of his book, to review the latest Computerchemist double release album "Signatures ft. Zsolt Gálantai". Here it is, printed in full. Thanks, Stephen! [More...]

Big review of “Signatures” on Spanish prog site

Jose Luis Martinez' Spanish rock blog published a shorter review a few months ago when "Signatures" was first released. Since then, after many repeated listens, he's written a more in-depth critique of Signatures I & II featuring Zsolt Galántai. There is a translate button on the site underneath the word "TRADUCTOR" for those of us who are Español challenged, and it's a great read too! Thanks, Jose! :) [More...]

S4G Charity label releases new Computerchemist track on compilation

San Francisco based fund raiser record label “Sound 4 Good” today released their latest compilation album “The Human Condition – Dedications to Philip K. Dick” exclusively through bandcamp, a popular music download site. All proceeds from the sale of this album will go to the American charity “The Hospice Foundation of America”. Your donation of […] [More...]

Progressive Newsletter Nr. 77 – Signatures review (German)

A german language review of "Signatures ft. Zsolt Galantai" in the new edition of the German prog magazine PNL soon available from their store. [More...]

Computerchemist albums soon available on Nimbit

I’ve started uploads of all computerchemist albums to the NimBit digital shop this afternoon, hopefully with a good strong wind they should all be up there later on today. Check in and see what you think here: [More...]