Audio Cologne live interview on ARFM Soundscapes

This Sunday 21st July at approximately 15:30 BST (16:30 CEST/10:30 EDT/07:30 PDT), Dave Pearson and Uwe Cremer will be chatting LIVE to Paul Baker on his ARFM Soundscapes progressive rock radio show about their new release “2911.” under the virtual band name of Audio Cologne Project. You can tune in to the live webcast by […] [More...]

Audio Cologne Project Interview live on HFM

Tune into Terry Hawke’s radio show on Harborough FM (also online streaming) tonight (29 June 2013) at 0:00BST / 01:00 CET to hear a live interview with Dave Pearson and Uwe Cremer about the “2911.” Audio Cologne Project album! [More...]

Progressive Newsletter nr. 69 Interview – July 2010 (German)

Interview mit Computerchemist Eben nicht nur auf den elektronischen Bereich beschränkt   Zwei seiner Alben wurden bereits im Progressive Newsletter besprochen, sein aktuelles Werk wird in dieser Ausgabe vorgestellt. Um noch etwas mehr Einblick in die Welt des in Ungarn  lebenden Briten zu bringen, stellt er sich und seine Musik in diesem Heft mal ausführlicher […] [More...]

Electroambient Space: Online Interview May 2010

Computerchemist is Dave Pearson, formerly of the UK, now living in Hungary. He makes very active electronic music with elements of progressive rock much like Tangerine Dream did in their heyday. Beyond that I knew little, so here’s another interview where I’m finding out about Dave along with the rest of you. Reading your home […] [More...]

ARFM Sunday Synth Interview Nov 22nd 2009

(ARFM IDENT) TRACK #1: “Tantric Race” from “Aqual Measure” playing in background. Bruce Gall (BG): Hi, my name is Bruce Gall and welcome along to a rather special Sunday synth this week. On the program not only will I be talking to Dave Pearson but I will have the honour of being the very first […] [More...]

ARFM Sunday Synth Interview 14th Jun 2009

IDENT: ARfm TRACK #1: “geoid” from “landform” Bruce Gall (BG): That’s the final track from the latest album by computerchemist called “landform”. That was “geoid” which leads me very nicely into my very first guest interview on Sunday Synth. I’m speaking to Dave Pearson of Computerchemist. Hi Dave, welcome along to Sunday Synth, and thanks […] [More...]

TDFZ interview 17th jan 2009

"Landform" launch interview with Chris Newman on the Tangerine Dream Fan Zone podcast [More...]