Aqual Measure (2009)

“Surging sequences, exotic sonic embellishments and enchanting melodies. If all the old names on the scene have become a bit stale by now, then Computerchemist will offer you a breath of fresh air musically.” – Archie Patterson,
“A combination of keyboard music and drums, live guitar and over 60 minutes of music that crosses the boundaries of certain boundaries of music that nobody thought could have been breached” – Bruce Gall, ARFM
“A staggeringly robust piece of EM” – Nemesis J (ex Hawkwind, Sendelica, Tubilah Dog)
“Berliner Schule angelehnte Elektronikmusik unters Volk, die ich ohne Zögern als erstklassig bezeichnen darf” – Jürgen Meurer, Progressive Newsletter
“Call it adventurous and call it a triumph and you will be right on the mark!” – Greg Allen, author of Klaus Schulze : Electronic Music Legend
“Mirage will grab sequencer fans from the get-go with its mesmerizing loops” – Phil Derby, Electroambient Space
“Pearson is one of the foremost flagholders for solid Berlin-school-style jazz-rock, perfecting his blend of raw guitar work and uber-precise sequencer lines.” – John Shanahan, Hypnagogue
“Sweeping electronic washes invade your consciousness and take you to the edge of universes you didn’t even know existed.” – Rotcod Zzaj (a.k.a. Dick Metcalfe), IMPROVIJAZZATION Nation

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Landform (2008)

“I think that while Computerchemist’s style can easily remind one of Tangerine Dream, his style is unique, refreshing and all his own – a real change from the typical EM sound but yet retaining several of its best ingredients.” – Greg Allen, author of Klaus Schulze : Electronic Music Legend
“This is a Hypnagogue Highly Recommended CD, especially if you like your music with a touch of old-school style” – John Shanahan, Hypnagogue

“Stark auch Cave search mit einer Mischung aus sehr symphonischen Parts und einer gelegentlichen Floyd-Stimmung (hier werde ich speziell ein wenig an ‘Careful with that axe, Eugene’ erinnert).” – Jürgen Meurer, Progressive Newsletter

“Some excellent compositions that will absorb your head, spin it around about 100 times & eject you into the other side of the wormhole in etherspace that LANDFORM creates for your mind.” – Rotcod Zzaj (a.k.a. Dick Metcalfe),

“A real treat for fans of sequencer-based music.” – Artemi Pugachov, Encyclopedia of Electronic Music

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Icon One (2007)

“A furious stream of body-rocking old-school Berlin-influenced electronic joy.” – John Shanahan, Hypnagogue

“This is EM with a strong Rock edge.” – Artemi Pugachov, Encyclopedia of Electronic Music

“Der Titel ‘Timethorns’ ist für mich ein Höhepunkt des Albums, denn hier wird auf feinste Weise durch massiven Mellotroneinsatz eine wunderbare Stimmung erzeugt” – Jürgen Meurer, Progressive Newsletter

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Atmospheric (2006)

“A batch of beat-and-melody driven joyrides that are a pleasure to listen to” – John Shanahan, Hypnagogue

“Lots of detail and colour. Keep it flowing.” – Steve Jolliffe, ex-Tangerine Dream, Solo Musician

“Aber er bedient auch bisweilen leicht verzerrte Gitarren, was mich auch mal an Edgar Froese, Ashra oder Heldon erinnert.” – Jürgen Meurer, Progressive Newsletter

“Atmospheric is a nice EM album that’s well worth checking out.” – Artemi Pugachov, Encyclopedia of Electronic Music

“Uplifting and infectious, the tunes are tastefully crafted to entertain while banishing all doldrums.” – Matt Howarth, Sonic Curiosity

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